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User Archive

If you no longer want a user to be able to log in to your academy, you can archive them. A user in the archive no longer counts towards the user limit of your subscription. For the old subscriptions, Pro Loyalty and Basis Loyalty, the payment for an archived user stops, taking into account the 30-day billing period.

What is the difference between archiving and deleting?

The archive serves as an intermediate step before a user is permanently deleted. This ensures that you never accidentally remove a user completely from the academy. It is also useful if, upon further consideration, you still want to review and/or export the user's results. You can restore the user and reassign them to the learning path(s) to review progress and scores.

How long does a participant remain archived?

You can choose to permanently delete users from the archive. If you leave users in the archive, they will be automatically removed after a certain period. The duration of this period depends on your subscription.

AbonnementNumber of days
Pro Loyalty90
Basis Loyalty30
Premium API180

The number of users in your archive is easy to find. Open the management and go to Users > Archive. Scroll down to view the total number of users in the archive.

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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