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- Definition of a user
- Number of users per month
- Modifying your subscription
- Why new subscriptions?

Definition of a User

Firstly, let's clarify who we refer to as 'users.' This includes all individuals added to your Pluvo environment, regardless of their role. Administrators (or 'Managers' and 'Owners') are also considered users, along with the 'regular' participants.

Number of Users per Month

With Pluvo, you subscribe based on the maximum number of users who have access to your academy and the features you want to use. You can find an overview on this page.

For instance, if you subscribe to a Team subscription for 100 users, you can have a maximum of 100 people in your academy simultaneously, including yourself.

Modifying Your Subscription

With a monthly subscription, you can adjust your subscription every month. With an annual subscription, you can always upgrade. However, you cannot downgrade below the annual subscription you have chosen.

If you need more than 1000 users in your academy simultaneously, please send us a chat message for a custom quote.

Why New Subscriptions?

We introduced new subscriptions because many clients found it unclear how users per month were calculated. The new system is more transparent and straightforward.

You now select a subscription based on the maximum number of people allowed in your academy simultaneously and the features you want to use.

You can add and remove people in your academy as often as you want up to the purchased quantity.

This way, you know exactly what you pay monthly and won't encounter unexpected costs.

If you still need more users or have a less busy month, we still offer the flexibility of a monthly adjustable subscription.

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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