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Create groups

Why Groups?

Sometimes, you may want to create groups within your training environment. This can be useful for various reasons, such as:

Efficiency: With a group, you can link multiple participants to one or more learning paths at once. You can also regulate access to collections in the knowledge base or to components in the offering based on groups.
Filtering results: A group is ideal if you want to export all results of a specific group of participants, such as a department or organization.
Chatting: If enabled, participants within a group can chat with each other.

Creating a Group

Navigate to management > users > groups. In the groups section, click on 'new group.' You will now see the screen below.

Give your group a name (e.g., 'sales department') and proceed with the other group settings:

Learning Paths: Here you can directly link one or more learning paths to your group. In the example below, all members of the 'Sales Department' group will have access to the 'Become a Sales Tiger!' learning path. The learning path will be displayed on the homepage for these participants.
Categories: With categories, you can add additional values to your group that can be filtered later. Within the 'Sales Department' group, you might want to filter based on experience level, so you only see results of junior employees in your reports. You can also use this to make certain components in the offering only accessible to junior, mid-level, or senior employees.

If you haven't created categories yet, go to management > settings > categories and create a category with the type 'group.'

Settings: Optionally set the maximum number of participants, use the external reference to communicate with other applications, and determine whether participants can chat with each other. If you don't set a maximum number of participants, there is no limit.

All set? Click the 'create group' button!

Adding Participants and Group Managers

After creating the group, you will see 'participants' and 'group managers' tabs.

Participants: Click here on 'add participants.' Then, you can check the box for the participant(s) you want to add. Use the checkbox next to Name to select all participants at once. You can also use the filtering options. Then click the 'add users' button.

Group Managers: Click on the 'add group managers' button. Make a selection again and confirm with the 'add group managers' button. Group managers can be added if you want someone to be able to view the group's progress, and they can also chat with the group.

Updated on: 05/04/2024

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