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Basic & Pro Loyalty

If you have subscribed to a Pluvo Basic or Pluvo Pro subscription before November 15, 2021, and have not yet switched to the new subscriptions, the following conditions apply to you:

Period per user

Within Pluvo, you pay for active users.

Each user is active until they are archived, set to inactive, or completely removed from the platform.

The cost you pay per person depends on when you added the person to your Pluvo environment.

User costs are assessed in monthly cycles. This means that Pluvo checks monthly if a user is active. If so, the user will enter a new active month. If halfway through this active period the user is archived, they will no longer be counted from the next period.

Example calculation of active users

Your subscription started on December 20. You set up a learning pathway and invite your first users to participate.

On January 1, Sanne starts in the academy, then on January 10, Henk joins. Two weeks later, Melanie also joins the academy to learn. Henk finishes learning within his month and is set to inactive, so he will not be counted after 30 days.

Users are counted from the moment they gain access to the academy until they are archived, with a minimum of one month per billing period.

This means that, for example, if Henk becomes active on January 10, we will check on February 10 if he is still active. If Henk is inactive on February 10, he will not count toward the invoice for the next month from that day.

If Henk is active on February 10, we will check again on March 10 to see if he is active, and he will count for another month.

Note: You always pay for a full month. For example, if you archive a learner one and a half months after enrollment, 2 months will still be billed.

See the illustration below to understand what this means for invoicing.


The above example shows that for the invoicing period from January 20 to February 20, we have the following number of users:

Henk starts on January 10 and is active on January 20 when the invoicing period begins. He is no longer active on February 10. This means he is active from January 20 to February 10, which is 21 days.

Sanne is entirely active from January 20 to February 20, as she started on January 1. When we checked on February 1, she was still active, so she counts for the next month with Pluvo. She was active for 31 days.

Melanie starts in the middle of the invoicing period on January 29 and is active for only 23 days this period.

Pluvo adds up all active days and invoices them at the end of the invoicing period, which in this case is 21 + 31 + 23 = 75 days. This translates to 75 user days times €0.053 (€1.58/30 days).

The total cost from January 20 to February 20 is €3.94 excl. VAT for the basic subscription.

Active users with decimals.

If a user counts for half of the month, you will get numbers with decimals.

For example, your subscription period may run until February 20, but a user may only count until, for instance, February 10. In that case, you pay 20/30th of the amount in the respective invoicing period.
Therefore, numbers with decimals will be used in the active user overview to denote this.

The billing period is monthly, and the invoice will always be sent at the end of the billing period based on the above calculations.

Volume discount

The more users you have in the academy, the less you will pay per user. For example: if you have 60 users in your academy, you pay for the first 50 users (50 €1.58) and for the remaining 10 users (10 €1.26) €12.60.

Basic subscription

Cost per user per 30 days excl. VAT.
€1.58 per user - up to 50 users
€1.26 per user - from 51 to 300 users
€0.95 per user - from 301 to 500
€0.63 per user - from 500 onwards

Pro subscription

Cost per user per 30 days excl. VAT.
€2.85 per user - up to 50 users
€2.52 per user - from 51 to 300 users
€2.20 per user - from 301 to 500
€1.89 per user - from 501 to 2000
€1.58 per user - from 2000 onwards

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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