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Change the profile settings

Under the profile, you can indicate your preferences for email notifications and optionally change your personal details. You can find your profile by clicking on the image of an animal (or another photo, if set) in the top right corner of your screen.

Personal Details

Here, you can set your own profile picture, making you recognizable for your learners, for example. Additionally, you can also change your name and email address when necessary. Participants in your academy also have a profile page. So, if they want to adjust the frequency of email notifications, you can refer them to their profile.


Under settings, you can change the language of the interface. This setting applies only to you; your learners will still see the academy in the original language. Furthermore, you can also change the settings for notifications.


Notifications are email alerts for certain updates in your academy. In Pluvo, we have two different types of notifications:

Notifications for missed messages
Automated messages from the Pluvobot

Notifications for Missed Messages

Notifications for missed messages alert you to chat messages from participants. You receive these notifications by email, helping you respond promptly to questions from your learners. You can choose to receive notifications for missed chat messages immediately or only in the morning if there are missed messages. If you prefer not to receive notifications via email at all, you can turn it off completely.

Below is an example of a notification for missed messages.

Automated Messages

In your profile settings, you can also choose to enable or disable automated messages. Automated messages notify you of all other updates within your academy, apart from chat messages. This includes notifications that a learner has submitted an assignment, received a certificate, or completed a course module.

Updated on: 05/04/2024

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