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The correct measures for your images

Pluvo Image Dimensions Guidelines

Pluvo is responsive and adjusts to your screen size. We recommend avoiding text in your images as it may be cut off on mobile devices. Keep it as visual as possible!

Below, you will find our recommended dimensions. Dimensions are indicated as width x height (e.g., 1140 pixels wide x 300 pixels high). Images in Pluvo are optimized for retina format so that they appear sharp on the most common resolutions.

Our recommended dimensions are:

Login Page Image: 1280px x 720px
Homepage Cover Photo: 1440 x 300px
Logo: proportional width x 96px
Favicon: 128px x 128px
Introduction Panel Image: 768px x 250px
Library Cover Photo: 1440 x 300px

Learning Path:
Learning Path Header Image: 1440 x 300 px
Image on the Homepage: 400px x 150px

Lesson Module:
Lesson Module Header Image: 1440 x 300px
Image in Learning Path: 300px x 212px

Image within Text: 768px x proportional height
Image(s) in Gallery: 152px x 1196px
Images for Question Types (sorting question, matching question, etc.): 482px x 316px
Quote Banner: 1440 x 300px

*It is possible to use larger dimensions, but consideration should be given to the file size to keep the loading time fast. Try to keep large images below 600kb.

Updated on: 10/07/2024

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