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E-learning is only truly e-learning when you can assess the participants. The beauty of Pluvo is that you can place questions throughout the entire course module. A lesson can contain no questions, one question, or many questions – it's entirely up to the creator of the e-learning.

Point System

Thanks to our unique point system, a question is worth as much within a lesson as you want it to be. Whether you assign 50 points or only 5, it determines the relative value of the questions to each other. Read more about the point system here

Question Types in Pluvo are:

Fill in the blanks
Multiple choice
Matching question
Open-ended question
Assignment submission Note! The assignment submission is not found in the course module but in the learning journey.

If there's a question type you'd like to use that isn't listed here, send us a message, and we can let you know if the question type is already in our roadmap.

Updated on: 10/01/2024

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