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Point System in different question formats

Points per Answer and Question

For each answer and question, you can allocate points. The maximum achievable points per question are summed up per lesson. These points represent the maximum points attainable for that lesson. Then, the points obtained by the participant in this lesson are counted and compared against the maximum points, resulting in the achieved percentage for the lesson.

These lesson percentages in turn determine the total percentage based on the average of all lessons.

Point System

At Pluvo, we operate using a point system. This means that for every answer to a question, you must assign points. The advantage of this system is that questions can have varying values relative to each other. This implies that one question might be more important than another. Additionally, an answer can be partially right or wrong. It allows for a nuanced evaluation.

Point allocation for question types

Points per Question

Each question has a 'total number of points' to be allocated. This number can be set for the total points of a question.

The 'total number of points' from the questions within a lesson is summed up, representing the total points attainable for that lesson.

Hence, someone might have 3 correct answers worth 2 points each, but you might want to allocate a maximum of 5 points for the question. You have control, and the possibilities are endless!

Assigning Points per Answer

By assigning points per answer, you can determine whether an answer is completely correct, partially correct, or incorrect. For instance, by assigning a total of 2 points, an answer with 1 point can be considered partially correct, while an answer with 2 points can be considered fully correct. This allows for a very specific way of awarding points. You can configure this point distribution yourself.

If you wish to assign penalty points for an answer, enter a negative number of points. A participant cannot score below 0 points on a question, but this allows for implementing penalty points if, for example, someone has provided 1 incorrect answer out of 5.

Do the points from the lesson not count towards the final score?
You can indicate in the lesson settings whether the points count towards the final result or not.

Updated on: 05/04/2024

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