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Assessment item: Matching question

In the matching question, a learner has to drag words to the correct place. It can look like the example below. The words that need to be dragged are called 'categories'. Learners drag these to the 'answer options' below.

Watch the video or read the text below the video to learn how to create a matching question yourself!

Creating a Matching Question

To create a matching question, follow these steps:

Place the instructions for this question in the 'question' field. For example: "Do you know the meaning of these three types of fermentation? Drag the terms with the correct meaning."

Use the 'feedback' field to provide general feedback, which is always shown after answering the question. If you want to give feedback on a specific answer, you can do that later when adding the correct answers.

Indicate the maximum number of points that can be earned with this assignment. Additionally, specify whether the answers should be shown in random order. If you turn this off, the answer options will remain in a fixed position.

Add the categories. These are the labels that learners will drag to the correct answer options.

Add the first answer option. Click on the correct category and assign a point. You can also add specific feedback that will be shown when a learner drags this category to the answer.

If you want to provide specific feedback when an incorrect answer is given, you can do that too. Click on the wrong categories, fill in the feedback fields, but leave the points field at '0'.

Now, click the plus sign to add the second answer option. Repeat the above step and proceed to the third answer option, the fourth, and so on.

Finally, click 'save,' and your matching question is complete!

Updated on: 05/04/2024

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