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Assessment item: Sorting question

The sorting question is a convenient way to check whether the participant has understood the information well. The learner can rearrange the answers by clicking and dragging them.

If desired, as shown in the example below, you can add images to the answers.

Creating a Sorting Question

Follow these steps to create a sorting question:

Put the instructions for this question in the 'question' field. For example: "Arrange the different stages of brewing in the correct order."

Use the 'feedback' field to provide general feedback, which is always shown after answering the question.

Indicate the maximum number of points that can be earned with this assignment. Then, you can start adding the answer options. You specify the correct order of the answers with the arrows on the right. The answer that is at the very top must be placed at the top by the learner as well.

Once you have added all answer options and placed them in the correct order, you can press 'save,' and voilà, the sorting task is ready!

Updated on: 05/04/2024

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