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Publishing a course module

Publishing a Course Module

Is your course module ready? Great! There's one more thing you need to do: publish the course module! Click on 'publish' in the top right corner, optionally add a note, and then click 'publish draft'.

Why publish?

Only when you publish a new version of your course module will it become visible to your participants. Until you click 'publish', your participants will see the last published version.

What if a participant had already started?

If a participant had already started the course module, they will continue in the version that was published when they began. This is to ensure that no data is lost. Imagine if you change the scoring or remove a lesson. It would be frustrating for the participant to wonder where their data went!

If the course module is updated (e.g., the author modifies questions and/or conditions in the course module), the participant will not be affected.

Resetting Progress

If the trainer wants to move participants from an older version of the course module to the most recent version, the trainer needs to reset the progress.

Note: Resetting progress erases all previous progress. All answers will be deleted, and the participant will have to retake the course module.

To reset the progress, go to 'management' > reporting. Now, select the learning journey tab if you want to reset the progress on all course modules or choose the course module tab to reset the progress of one or more individual course modules.

If you've selected one of the tabs, you can press the icon with an arrow behind a learner to reset the progress.

If necessary, you can make use of the search filters or search bar beforehand. It is possible to select multiple results by checking the boxes and reset them all in once.

Updated on: 05/04/2024

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