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Assessment item: Multiple choice question

One of the most common questions in the world: the multiple-choice question! You can, of course, also use this in Pluvo.

Creating a Question

To create a multiple-choice question, follow these steps:

Formulate the question and general feedback. General feedback is always shown after answering the question. Feedback specific to a particular answer can be set later.

Then, fill in the fields 'Max. options' and 'Max. points.' The 'Max. options' field indicates how many answers a learner can check. For example, if set to '4', a learner can select a total of four answers.

Use the 'Max. number of points' field to specify how many points a learner can earn in total with this assignment.

Additionally, you can also indicate whether the answers should be displayed in a random order. Turn this off if you want to enforce a fixed order.

Next, enter the answer options. You will also find the option to provide specific feedback for each answer. This feedback is shown when the learner selects the respective answer.

Don't forget to assign points to the correct answer (or answers). If a learner selects this answer, it will be highlighted in green, and the points will be included in the final score. You can read more about scoring here.

Just click 'save,' and your multiple-choice question is ready to use!

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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