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AFAS GetConnector: User Synchronization

Setting up User Synchronization with Pluvo

To set up user synchronization with Pluvo, follow these steps:

Establish the GetConnector
Configure an App Connector
Generate the App Connector Token
Provide the information to Pluvo to complete the integration

Download the GetConnector

Start by downloading our GetConnector at the bottom of the page to import it into AFAS. Below are the steps to do this within AFAS:

Open the environment where you want to import the exported GetConnector(s).
Go to: General / Output / Administration / GetConnector.
Click on the action: Import.
Click on:
- File (for importing one GetConnector)
- Folder (for importing multiple GetConnectors)
Select the '.gcn file' of the GetConnector to import.
Click: Finish.
Follow the wizard.

**Configuring AFAS App Connector:**

Read this article to configure the AFAS App Connector

**Generating AFAS App Connector Token:**

Read this article to generate the AFAS App Connector Token

Send the generated token to us, and you're done!

Optional: If you wish to set up the connector yourself, follow these steps

GetConnector Download:

Updated on: 10/01/2024

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