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Integrating a form with Pluvo

You can automatically add users to Pluvo using a form.

Please note:
Ensure that you have one of our paid subscriptions.
For a multi-step Zap, you need a paid Zapier account. Get one starting at €20.21/month and try it for free.
For connecting with certain applications, you need the paid version of the product.

Step 1: Pluvo connects through Zapier. [Check if your form is on this list.]( If your form is listed, you can link the webshop with Pluvo. Consider Typeform or Google Forms.
Step 2: If you don't have a Zapier account yet: create one.
Step 3: Click on 'Make a Zap' in the left menu.
Step 4: Look for your form app under 'When this happens'. Select 'choose trigger event' that is relevant for you. New entry is often the most logical choice. Click continue.

Step 5: Connect your form account with Zapier.
Step 6: Select the form you want to connect with Pluvo. This form must have at least a name and an email field.
Step 7: Click test & continue.

Tip: Adding an extra step
It's wise to add an extra action now before connecting Zapier with Pluvo. This action is called 'lowercase email'. This ensures that the user's email entered is always in lowercase. This way, it doesn't matter how a user writes their email; it's always consistent.

Click the plus sign to create a new action, and search for 'formatter by zapier'. Then fill in the following:
Under 'Event', type 'text' and then proceed to 'set up action'.
Choose 'Transform: Lowercase'
Select the user's email address ([0]) from Wix under Input.

Connect with Pluvo

Step 1: It's time to go to 'do this'. Select Pluvo here.
Step 2: Select search or create user under 'choose action event'. An account needs to be created first before this person can be linked to the e-learning. Select continue.
Step 3: Under 'Choose account', connect your Pluvo account with Zapier. Authorize Zapier to access your Pluvo account.
Step 4: Go to Customize user. The next step asks you for a user reference.

Choose the email address from the Zapier formatter here.

Step 5: Check 'Create Pluvo user if it doesn't exist yet?'
Step 6: Select the fields that correspond to the user's name under name. This can be one field or multiple if you have separate input fields for first and last names. In that case, select both. Ensure there's a space between both fields.
Step 7: Again, select the email address from the Zapier formatter under the Email field.
Step 8: Choose 'yes' for active. Then click continue.
Step 9: Click test & review to see if the app is properly connected.

By testing and reviewing, a user will be created in Pluvo. After linking, you can delete this user.

NOTE: If you test with a user already in Pluvo, first enter the user's email address from Pluvo into the external reference.

Add user to e-learning

After creating the user, you need to add the user to your e-learning.

Step 1: Click the plus sign under the zap you just created.
Step 2: Select Pluvo again under 'choose app'.
Step 3: Under Choose action event, select 'add user to e-learning'.
Step 4: Again, select the correct Pluvo account. Click continue.

Step 5: Choose the User Reference sent from Pluvo under User Reference.
Step 6: Select the e-learning to which you want to add the user under e-learning reference.
Step 7: Click test & review to see if the app is properly connected.

Almost done!

All you need to do now is turn on the Zap and test if it works.

Updated on: 09/01/2024

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