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Webhooks for custom integration

In addition to the Zapier option, you can also gain direct access to our Webhooks to customize your solutions. To set up your webhooks yourself, you need to have a Company subscription. For more inquiries about our Webhooks, please contact us.

Zapier vs. Webhooks: The webhooks available for customization can also be used via the Zapier connection. The choice between Zapier or Webhooks is one you'll need to make. Does the application you're trying to integrate with Zapier work the way you want it to? Are the development costs worth it? Do the costs of building your solution outweigh the monthly Zapier expenses?

General Webhooks

Pluvo offers webhooks for changes in learning paths, users, and groups. Check for more information.

Participant-Triggered Webhooks

In Pluvo, we also have two webhooks which trigger when a participant submits or completes something. These are the following webhooks:


These webhooks trigger only when you add a webhook module in the module group. This ensures that not every module completion triggers an event, and you can also customize the reference sent.

Developer Information

Developers can find all relevant information about our Webhooks in the developer docs.

Need help with integration? No problem. We'll also try to assist and support you as needed.

Updated on: 10/07/2024

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