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AFAS GetConnector: Course Management (Manual)

Configuring the GetConnector for Course Management

It's important to have a user group with the appropriate permissions. If not set up yet, here's how to configure it: AFAS User Group Configuration

Setting up the GetConnector for Course Management

Within the menu General under Output, select Administration and then choose GetConnector. You'll see the following screen. Open the GetConnector used for course participants within your organization. In our example, this is Participantper_course_event_. As shown below, you can filter by name to ease finding your GetConnector.

Upon opening, a new window appears. First, click Next, then Data, which will take you to the next screen.

Here, you can configure the fields of the GetConnector. The left menu contains all available fields, while the right side displays the fields linked to the GetConnector.

Mandatory Fields:

For proper functionality, the following fields are necessary:

- A name field.
- A primary email field.
- A secondary email field.
- A field for the Contact ID of the user.
- A field for the Person ID of the user.

Using primary and secondary fields enables different email fields for various user groups (e.g., EmailPriv_ for Individuals, while Individuals within an Organization have an additional EmailWork_). Pluvo always checks the primary email field first and then the secondary email field if the primary is empty. If your organization uses only one email field, there's no need to configure a secondary email field.

Adding Contact / Person ID Fields

Both ID fields are somewhat hidden in AFAS.

You can find the Contact ID in Participant per event -> Participant -> Participant -> General -> Contact.

The Person ID is located in Participant per event -> Participant -> Participant -> Organization/Person -> Organization/Person.

Field and Connector Names

The field names in the example above (primary email, secondary email, etc.) are mere examples. You can name these fields and even the connectors as you wish - however, you must provide us with these names.

Information for your GetConnector

For your GetConnector, we need the following information:

- The name of the GetConnector.
- The name of the name field.
- The name of the primary email field.
- The name of the secondary email field.
- The name of the Contact ID field.
- The name of the Person ID field.

Additional Option: Filter Users from the List After a Specific Date

If you don't want to send users after a specific date to Pluvo, you'll need to include an extra field with a date. Add this field to the events in your AFAS course management and then to the GetConnector. This should be a 'dateTime' field type.

Place AFAS Course ID in Pluvo Learning Path

More information about placing the AFAS course ID in the Pluvo learning path: AFAS Get/Updateconnector: Linking Course Management Course to Learning

Updated on: 10/01/2024

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