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AFAS UpdateConnector: Course Management

Passing completion dates to course management

Once a user completes a module within the learning path, we can write the completion date to a field specified by you within the registration in AFAS. This allows you to automatically track whether and when a user has completed a module.

Information for your UpdateConnector

For your UpdateConnector, we need the following information:
One-time: The name of the UpdateConnector
Per learning path: The field code of the field where we will write the completion date.

Configuring the UpdateConnector

To configure the UpdateConnector, it is important to choose the field to which the completion date will be written. You can choose an existing field (where only the field name needs to be passed on to us) or add a new field, known as a free field within AFAS.

For the latter option, you must take the following steps:

Step 1

Within the General menu in the Administration section, select the option Management tool. You will then see the screen below. Choose Function group Course management.

Step 2

Next, in the left menu, choose the data collection where you want to add a field. In the example below, we choose Participant per event. In the right menu, you'll see all the fields currently available for this data collection (there may be more than you saw during the earlier configuration of the GetConnector because not all these fields are linked to a connector).

To add a new field, click on New.

Step 3

The menu below will open. Here, you can select the field type, label (name), and column text.

Step 4

Field types for your free field.

For your new field, you can use the field types Date and Text. For the latter, you also need to provide a field length. For Pluvo, a minimum length of 10 characters is required. Note the value you see in the 'Field code' column afterwards. This needs to be communicated to us.

Field Types

Updated on: 10/01/2024

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