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Using Portfolios in Your E-Learning Platform

The Portfolio feature provides your learners with a space to store essential documents or certificates. As an administrator and trainer, you also have access to the portfolios of all your participants. You can find the portfolio by clicking on the suitcase icon at the top of the menu or by clicking on your name on the home page.

To add a new portfolio item, click on the plus sign. In the window that opens, you can fill in all the relevant information.

Note: You must save your item first before adding attachments.

Enabling or Disabling the Portfolio & Development Plan

To allow your participants to use the portfolio, it must be enabled for your academy. You can enable the portfolio and development plan within the portfolio with the 'publish' slider.

SBU Points

You can assign Study Load Units (SBU) points to portfolio items, such as certificates or personally added portfolio items by participants. This makes it easy for both the trainer and the participant to see the progress at a glance.

To learn how to set up a points system, refer to this helpdesk article

Exporting Portfolios

Using the 'export' button, you can quickly create a handy PDF, providing an overview of your earned certificates, courses, and SBU points. The export will be sent to your email.


If you want to add structure to your portfolio items, use 'groups.' Create a new group by clicking on the folder icon. Give your group a name and optionally a description, then click 'Save.' To directly create a portfolio item within a group, click on the 'Add portfolio item' bar at the bottom and start typing.


Place your mouse over the item. A hand icon will appear. Click and hold while moving the mouse to change the order.

Title and Header

Personalize your learners' portfolios by adding a title, description, and a header image. The name below the title is automatically filled with the participant's name.

Updated on: 12/04/2024

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