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Adding videos

Enhancing Your E-Learning with Videos

Videos make your e-learning more engaging, personal, and intriguing. There are multiple ways to add videos to Pluvo: by uploading them (available with a paid subscription only) or by embedding them.

Whether you can upload videos depends on your subscription. Except for the 'Free' subscription, you can upload videos with every subscription. However, the upload limit in GB varies per subscription.

Note: You cannot upload files larger than 1000 MB in one go.

Click on the gear icon in the menu for 'Administration,' then select 'Videos' under 'Material.' Afterward, click on 'Upload video.'

Enter the title and add the video file. Click 'Save.'

Additionally, you can choose a thumbnail. A thumbnail is the video preview seen before clicking on it. To customize it, click on the title of the video in the overview of all videos. Upload your thumbnail under 'Customize thumbnail.'

Do you see colored bars? No worries: your video is still being processed!

You can add the video in two places:

To a Learning Journey

Go to your learning journey. Choose 'Add component.' Enter the information as usual. Select 'Add module' and then 'Video.' Choose the uploaded video.

To a Course Module

You can also add a video to a course module by embedding its link. You can find the link when clicking on the desired video in the video overview and scrolling down until you see 'Video URL.'

Then, go to the course module where you want to embed the video and add 'Embedded media.' Fill in the fields as shown in the image below.

Do you have a 'Free' subscription? You can also add videos to your course module. Simply search for a video on YouTube or Vimeo or upload one to either of these channels.


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Updated on: 12/04/2024

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