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Managing Offerings and Enrollments in Your Academy

On the homepage of your academy, you'll find an icon of a graduation cap. This leads to the offerings page. Participants can explore available courses and events for enrollment here, including online webinars, in-person meetings, events, or learning paths. It also displays which courses they are already enrolled in.

Note! Enrollments are available only with a team subscription or higher.

The enrollment offerings are typically divided into Enrollments for Learning Paths and Enrollments for Meetings & Webinars.

When you open either selection, the enrollments are sorted by date, with upcoming courses and events displayed first. Participants can utilize the search bar and filter function to navigate the course and event offerings. The filter function is available if categories have been set up for your offerings.

To create or edit categories for your offerings, refer to this helpdesk article

Who Can Create an Enrollment?

To create an event or course, you need a manager or author role.

A manager can access all enrollments made by authors for participants.
However, authors can only access the enrollment options they have created themselves. Authors cannot edit each other's enrollments.

Creating Your First Enrollment

A manager or author clicks the '+ New Offering' button in the header of the offerings page, which opens a pop-up window. Here, you can choose to create an enrollment for a lesson module, an in-person meeting, a webinar/online meeting, or a learning path.

Once you make your selection, you can customize the enrollment by adding details like a title, description, image, location, date & time. Additionally, you can choose to immediately publish your meeting, allowing participants to sign up right away.

If you prefer not to, uncheck this option using the toggle button.

More Settings

Click on 'more settings' to add extra configurations to your enrollment. The options are explained in detail below:

Categories: If you've created categories for your offerings, you can select the relevant category value for your enrollment to allow filtering and labeling for participants. Learn how to create a category in[ this article.](/en/article/categories-wp6z16/)
Trainer: Set a trainer to be displayed to participants for the meeting or learning path. This allows participants to easily contact them for queries. You can also choose whether trainers need to approve before someone is officially enrolled.
Enrollment Options: For in-person meetings and webinars/online meetings, you can set a maximum number of participants and indicate the deadline for enrollment.
Access: Configure whether everyone can enroll or if only specific groups have access. Below, we'll explain how to manage access to your offerings.
Information for Participants: Customize the text participants will see before enrolling. You can display a message after participants sign up for the meeting. To add a description for participants, click the 'enrollment options' button. If you only fill in the description for potential participants and not for enrolled participants, the enrolled participant will also see the potential description after enrollment. Use the toggle button to decide if participants are visible to each other.
Lesson Modules: Here, link a lesson module to an enrollment. Enrolling in lesson module offerings will now happen automatically when accessing the lesson module.
Learning Paths: Associate a learning path with an enrollment and grant participants access to course materials upon enrollment. Leave this field empty if you don't want to link a learning path.

Note! A learning path doesn't automatically open when the enrollment does. You need to set this manually within the learning path. For setting conditions within a learning path, refer to our detailed helpdesk article

Related Events: Check this option if you want to create a detail page for your offering. A detail page helps group related events. After creating the current event, you can add other (online) meetings to the same detail page. An example of a detail page is shown in the picture below:

Managing Access to Offerings

When editing or adding an offering, under More settings, you can adjust access. This allows you to limit visibility for specific users and precisely define who sees what. As an administrator, you can also assign an offering to a participant. You can add multiple rules to your access.

Step 1: Firstly, add labels as categories to your group. In the example above, we used the label Location and Specialty.
Step 2: Create various groups in your academy and link the appropriate label to them. For example, all employees from Amsterdam in the group
Amsterdam, with the Location label.
Step 3: In the offerings, you can then select groups based on the categories you've created. In the example, we've selected the location Amsterdam and specialties Bicycle Mechanic and Doctor.

Now, with filtering applied, this offering item will be displayed only to a selected group of people. The screenshot below explains how this precisely works:

In this scenario, the offering item will be displayed only to the following combinations:
A person in the groups Utrecht & Doctor.
A person in the groups Amsterdam and Doctor.
A person in the groups Utrecht & Police Officer.
A person in the groups Amsterdam & Police Officer.

Editing the Detail Page

If you've checked the detail page option under related events, you can add additional content using the “Edit” button. When clicked, you'll find a menu to add images, links to other pages, and documents. This way, you can give participants a sneak preview before they start your event.

Enrollment Ready
Participants can now enroll via the homepage and add the enrollment to their digital calendar, ensuring they're present on the correct date!

You can also add additional events later using the “+ New Offering” button.

Questions about enrollment offerings? Or curious how to tailor this feature to your needs? Schedule an appointment with one of our e-learning experts.

Email Notifications

Notifications can be sent to trainers or participants at different moments regarding the offerings. The email templates can be customized via management > settings > emails. We'll briefly go through the various templates:

Offering Rejected: If you've enabled 'access requires trainer approval' when creating your offering, a participant needs to request enrollment before being officially enrolled. This email is sent to participants rejected by the trainer.
Offering Enrolled: Sent to a participant upon successful enrollment in the learning path or event.
Offering Time Changed: Sent to enrolled participants when the event date changes.
Offering Waiting for Approval: Sent to everyone who enrolls but requires approval from the trainer.

Unenrolling from Offerings by Participants

Participants can also unenroll from an offering. For webinars and meetings, they can unenroll until the enrollment date or the first start date. For lesson modules and learning paths, they always have this option.

Updated on: 12/04/2024

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