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Development plan

Do you want to give your course participants the opportunity to get even more out of Pluvo? With the Development Plan, you can help your learners achieve their personal (or professional) goals!

The Development Plan is available with the Company subscription.

Why a Development Plan?

With the Development Plan, participants can set goals, such as 'complete planning' or 'write a summary', and systematically check them off. After adding a development point, a participant can upload files and start a discussion with the trainer. Through these messages, you can request updates, but also provide feedback.

Turning on or off the Portfolio & Development Plan

To enable your participants to use the Development Plan, it needs to be turned on for your academy. You can enable Portfolio and the Development Plan within the Portfolio by using the 'publish' slider.

Where can I find the Development Plan?

If you've activated the Portfolio & Development Plan option for your academy, you can find your own Development Plan on the homepage by clicking on your name or by clicking the suitcase icon in the menu at the top.

Would you like to view the Development Plan of another user? Then, go to Administration > click on the name of a learner > click on Portfolio.

How does the Development Plan work?

The goal of the Development Plan is for learners to formulate their own development goals. As a trainer, you can respond to learner development points, but you cannot make changes to the Development Plan.

A learner creates individual development points by clicking on the 'plus sign'. They fill in what they want to achieve (e.g., 'complete planning') and a description. Once the learner has saved the development point, they can upload documents and start a discussion with a trainer. When a learner has completed a development point, they click on the checkmark for the item.

You'll see all items in a Development Plan by default, but you can also filter by 'completed' and 'not completed' items.


Does a learner have various goals they want to work on? They can use a group. Here, they add all development points related to a specific goal. A learner creates a group by clicking on the folder icon (next to the plus sign). They name the group (and optionally provide a description) and click 'Save'.

Discussions and Notifications

As a (group) manager or trainer, you can receive email notifications about updates in your learners' Development Plans. For example, when a learner adds a document to their development point or sends a message.

Notifications are disabled by default. Would you like to receive updates on a development point? Click on the relevant point and then enable notifications using the bell icon.

Updated on: 28/12/2023

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