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AFAS GetConnector: Group Membership

These steps consist of the following actions:
Configure a free contact file
Configure a free table
Add fields to the free contact file
Make fields visible to the employee
Configure a GetConnector
Configure the AppConnector
Pass on the required information to Pluvo

1. Configure a free contact file

Within the General menu in the Environment section, select the option Administration and then click Properties. A new menu will open; click on the tab free contact files.

Step 1

Double-click on a file that is not yet in use (a file named something like 'Free contact file'). Remember the name of the exact free contact file being used. In the General tab, enter 'PLUVO_GROUP' in the description.

Step 2
Step 3

Next, go to the visible at tab, check employee, and click OK.

Step 4

2. Configure a free table

Within the General menu in the Setup section, select the option Free table. In the subsequent menu, choose new.

Step 5

Enter 'PLUVO_groups' in Description. Set the field Code length to '3', and the field Description length to '100' as values. Then fill the table with the groups you want to synchronize with Pluvo as shown below and click complete.

Step 6

3. Add fields to the free contact file

Within the General menu in the Administration section, choose Management tool. Double-click on the function group Organization/person.

Step 7
Step 8

Select the option PLUVO_group in the left column and click new. Configure the file with the following options:
- Field type: Table link
- Label: PLUVO_group
- Column text : PLUVO_group

Step 9

Link to tables: PLUVO_groups

Step 10

Click complete and go to the Tabs tab, then click new.

Enter 'PLUVO_groups' in Tab name, add PLUVO_group from the left column, and click OK.

Step 11

Click new.

Step 12
Step 13

Choose a PLUVO_group and click OK. Add all groups where an employee has access.

You can verify the added groups by selecting PLUVO_group within CRM in the CRM menu under the option Free contact file.

Step 14

Here you'll see all added employees.

Step 15

5. Configure a GetConnector

Within the General menu in the Output section, choose Administration, then click GetConnector.

Step 16

You'll see the screen below. Click new and check based on an existing data collection. Filter here on Free contact file and choose the same option previously selected in the step configure a free contact file, then click next.

Step 17

Enter PLUVO_GET_GROUP in the description and click next.

Step 18

Click data and check show all available connections. Now you must add the following fields. Choose within Free fields -> PLUVO_group - > PLUVO_groups the options Code and Description.

Step 19

Next, go to Contact - > Contacts -> Organization/Person -> Links - > Employee. Inside the Employee folder, add another 'Employee'.

Step 20

Click complete.

Passing on the necessary information to Pluvo

Now pass on the name of your created GetConnector to Pluvo.

Updated on: 09/01/2024

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