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Your corporate identity in your course module

With Pluvo, you create course modules completely in your own brand style!

To go to your brand style settings, open the course module in edit mode, click on the overview at the top left, and then on the paintbrush.


Need to change a course module quickly to a different brand style? Choose one of the ready-made themes and click 'save'. Of course, you can also customize existing themes, see below.

Tip: If you want to use the original theme again, you can click on the empty space at the bottom right under themes.

Set Your Own Brand Style

Below the themes, you can choose your own colors and fonts.

For colors, you can use hex values (see tips at the bottom of this article) or click on the droplet icon. You can then choose the color yourself.

You can choose different types of colors:

Primary: Changes all buttons and hovers (things that change color when you hover over, for example, an answer with your mouse). The color of hyperlinks and the 'Finish Lesson' button will also get this color.

In this course module, the primary color is the color of answer B.

Secondary: This is the color of the progress bars. Both on the overview page and in the lesson itself, as seen in the screenshot. A lighter variant of the secondary color is used to show what you still need to complete.

In this course module, the secondary color is the color of the progress bar. The 50% that is completed has the secondary color. The 50% that still needs to be completed has the lighter variant of the secondary color.

Background: The color of the background of your course module
Positive: The color of a correctly answered question (default green)
Negative: The color of an incorrect answer (default red)

Fonts and Font Colors

For both general text and titles and subtitles, you can choose the font and select the color.

General Text: The color of the text in your course module, excluding titles and subtitles.
Title: The headings above the course module and lessons
Subtitle: H2 headings in the course module

You can see the difference between the types of text in the screenshot below.

Changing Text Color of Lesson Titles

If you want to give the title of a particular lesson a different color because the brand color doesn't match the image you've chosen, go to the lesson settings. Next to the title, you can set the title color.

Tips for Determining the Brand Style:

Looking for a course module style but don't know where to start?
These sites can help you:

How to determine the font:

How to determine color:

Do you have a logo or an image with colors you want to use? Then go to <> and upload the file. You will neatly get all the colors in hex value, so you can use them in our theme editor.

If your organization has a brand or branding guide, we recommend using it.

Updated on: 12/04/2024

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