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Feedback on questions

Good feedback on your questions is important to support your learner in their learning process. There are several options for providing feedback. In this article, we explain how to give both general and answer-specific feedback, and we clarify the 'direct feedback' lesson setting.

General and answer-specific feedback

In most question types in Pluvo, you can provide general feedback and answer-specific feedback. The field for general feedback is always found at the top, after the question field. The feedback given here will always be displayed after a learner answers the question, regardless of the answer provided. Use this feedback field, for example, to mention the correct answers and provide extra explanations.

Fig. 1: Example of general feedback in a multiple-choice question.

For most question types, you can also add feedback to the answer options. We refer to this as answer-specific feedback. What you enter here will only be displayed if the learner has chosen the respective answer. This allows you to provide additional feedback if a participant selects an answer that requires extra explanation.

Fig. 2: Example of answer-specific feedback in a multiple-choice question.

Direct feedback

For each lesson, you can determine how feedback is given via the settings screen.

Direct feedback on

When you turn on direct feedback, the participant will see a 'responded' button with each question. When the participant answers a question, the correct answer will immediately be visible.

Direct feedback off

If direct feedback is turned off, participants can answer questions without receiving immediate feedback. However, the answer will be saved so that the participant can work on a lesson over multiple sessions. At the bottom of the lesson, there will be a 'finish lesson' button. Only when the participant clicks this button will the lesson be completed, and they will be able to see the feedback.

The participant can change their answers as many times as they want until they finish the lesson.

Updated on: 05/04/2024

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