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Setup notifications

When you add modules to your learning path based on date, entry, or the completion of a previous module, you can set up notifications to inform your students when a module opens. You can set up notifications for new lesson modules as well as for other components such as assignments, locations, or files.

How to add a notification?

First, we assume that you have already added a module. Read this article if you're unsure how to add modules to your learning path.

Go to the 'condition' section.

Set the conditions based on which a module should be displayed. You have the choice of entry participant, date, or completion of a lesson module. For more on conditions, refer to this article.

Once you've made a choice, you'll see several fields that you need to fill in. This is all covered in our article on conditions. Then you'll see the 'email notification' field. Here, you set when a student should receive an email notification. 'At the start' means that a notification will be sent when a student meets the specified condition. If you want to inform a student earlier about an opening module, that's possible, as you can see!

Below the 'email notification' field, you'll find a link where you can adjust the email template text. More about that can be found in this article about customizing automatic emails.

Updated on: 05/04/2024

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