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How do I add a trainer or mentor to a learning journey

Adding a Trainer or Mentor to a Learning Path

If there is someone leading the learning path, add them as a trainer or mentor. It's straightforward to add a trainer or mentor to a learning path.

Step 1: Ensure that the person has the general role of a trainer. You can do this via management > users > click on the user's name > profile.

Step 2: Go to the learning path for which you want to make this user a trainer or mentor. Open the trainers tab and click on the plus icon.

Step 3: At the 'Add user' button, you can choose from two options:

Mentors and trainers can communicate with all participants via chat. They can also monitor the progress of the lesson modules and manage the lists of assignments.

What is the difference between a mentor and a trainer?

The difference is that a mentor is not shown to the participants in the learning path, while a trainer is. Choose trainer if you want participants to be able to contact the trainer. Choose mentor if you want this role to remain hidden from the participants.

Updated on: 05/04/2024

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