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When a participant fails a test, you can automatically offer them a retake.

The points from the first test will be overwritten by the points from the retake with this function.

How to do this:

1. Ensure that you have set a passing threshold. This determines when a test is passed or failed. For example, 55%; a participant must score 55% or higher to pass the test. You can do this in the settings of your lesson module.

2. Create a retake lesson by copying the existing lesson using the copy button at the top right.

3. Then, you can name this copy 'Retake' for instance.

4. Click on 'retake from' and select the lesson whose points need to be overwritten.

5. Ensure that 'points count towards final score' is enabled.

6. You want the lesson to be available only when someone fails the test. To do this, you need to set conditions for opening the lesson. Choose 'add condition'.

7. Select 'score at lesson' and indicate between which scores someone gets a retake. For instance, you can set the minimum score at 0% and the maximum score at 54%. If a participant scores less than 55%, the retake will open.

8. Set the initial status to 'Hidden' so that the retake will only be visible if a participant fails the test.

9. Click on 'save', and your retake lesson is created!

Tip: Optionally, you can offer a review of the course material between the test and the retake to increase the chances of someone passing the retake!

Updated on: 15/04/2024

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