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Progress of participants

Monitoring Progress

In the 'Progress' tab, while in your learning journey, you can track the progress of your participants in a specific course module (which you can select at the top) and see how much time they have spent. If your course module includes assessment components, the average score will also be displayed here. You can find the progress tab by opening the management (with the gear icon on the frontpage) > select learning journeys > open your learning journey > click on progress.

By clicking on the time duration number, you can view how many times someone has opened the course module and the exact amount of time they have spent.

Clicking on the name opens the overview of your course module, allowing you to see the progress of your learner in the respective section. For each lesson, every item and participant's answer are recorded. This provides clear insight for both the trainer and the participant on how far they have progressed. When all items in a lesson have been viewed and answered, the lesson is considered complete.

Resetting Progress

You can reset the progress of your participants using the circular arrow. Note: Resetting will require your participants to redo the entire course module.

Important: If you have updated your course module and want your participants to see the latest version, you need to reset their progress. They will then need to go through all lessons again and retake any quizzes or answer questions.

Resetting Progress for the Entire Learning Journey

To reset the progress of all or multiple participants for the entire learning journey, go to your learning journey. Click on 'Participants' and select the participants whose progress you want to reset. Then click on the arrow that appears at the top of the table.

Updated on: 12/04/2024

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