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Our text editor is like a blank canvas. When you choose this option, a blank page opens where you can intuitively tell your story. By selecting text, you can adjust the formatting, and it's possible to add images within each paragraph.

Adding an Image

Select the line where you want to add your image. Then click on the image icon to the left of the paragraph. Select the image you want to upload. By clicking on the image, you can choose its placement. Will it be full-width or left-aligned? The choice is yours!

Would you rather add your image to the right of the text? Then, make use of two columns; put the text on the left, and the image on the right.

Creating Columns

Columns allow you to customize your course module's appearance. You can place images side by side or create columns with text or a combination of both.

How to Create Columns

Select 'columns' (the icon between the bullet points and the table). Choose whether you want 2 or 3 columns.

You can format the column as you're used to in the text editor. You can make text larger or smaller, add images, or include a quote, etc. You can put as much content in the columns as you wish. Your only limitation is your imagination.

Moving Images

To drag an image from one column to another, select the image, and simply drag it to the other column. It's that easy!

Text Above or Below an Image

If you've created columns with images and want to add text above or below, you can! Hover your mouse over the top or bottom of the image until your cursor changes. Click your mouse, and you can type text here.

Adding a Table

Click on the Table icon on the right to add a table. Automatically, a 3 x 3 table is added.

Want to add rows or columns? Click again on the Table icon and choose to insert a column to the right (or left) or a row below (or above).

Formatting Text in a Table

When selecting text in a table and clicking on the Table icon, you can choose the text alignment. You can align it left, center, or right.

You can also use the formatting buttons to make your text bold, italic, or underlined.

Merging Cells

Select the cells you want to merge. Click on the Table icon. Then click 'merge cells'.


Need more headers? Or want to remove headers? Select the cell, row, or column, click on the Table icon, and click on header cell, row, or column!


Want to delete a row, column, or the entire table? It's simple! Click on the icon and then select what you want to remove.

Updated on: 05/04/2024

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