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Answering assignments

In the lesson modules, you'll often encounter various types of questions:

Fill in the blanks: You'll see a text with missing words that you need to fill in. Click on a field and type in the correct word.

Multiple choice: The standard multiple-choice question where you need to select the correct answer. Sometimes there might be multiple correct answers indicated in the question.

If you select answer A and want to change it to answer B, click again on answer A to undo your choice. Then, choose B. You can only modify your answer if you haven't submitted the assignment yet.

Match question: You need to drag words to their correct answer options. In the example below, learners match capitals with the respective countries:

Click on a label, such as 'Lima', hold your mouse, and drag the label to A, B, or C.

Sorting question: Arrange answers in the correct order by dragging them to their respective positions.

Open question: You'll find a field below the question to type in your answer. Often, there's no 'right' or 'wrong' answer here; it might be used to express opinions or thoughts on the course.

Self-test: Some administrators provide self-tests where you answer a series of statements based on your relevance. Afterward, you'll see how you score on underlying categories, as shown below:

_Watch the assignment types in this video:_

Submitting an Answer

The administrator might choose to provide immediate feedback. In this case, you must click 'submit' after each question. If immediate feedback is not enabled, at the end of a lesson, you'll see a button 'finish lesson'. If you click 'finish lesson' without answering all the questions, you'll receive a notification.

Please note, once you click 'Submit' or 'Finish Lesson', you cannot change your answer. Until then, feel free to modify your response as needed.

Updated on: 05/04/2024

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